bottled radioactive radium

Yesterday headline was  brand-new hot spot  in Tokyo, radioactively-hot, of course.
This hot spot was located on public road, narrow side walk where many resident including children have been passing through every day.

And it was determined that the source of radiation was the bottled radioactive radium which was found under the floor of adjacent old house. It was said that the bottles looked very old and no one was living in the house.

Some ppl were said to ask to the government to check this hot spot before 311, but the government payed no attention to residents voice.

It might be bright side of Fukushima accident that we Japanese (including public officials) have become more careful about radioactive materials. I am saving money to purchase a dosemeter :)


strange roses

I found these photos recently, they were taken  May, 2011

in Tokyo

in Fukushima

By the way, highly radioactive contaminated hot spot ( 2.707 μSv/h) was found in Setagara ward in Tokyo. It was footway on which many ppl have been passing every day.
The number 2.707 μSv/h looks strange. It is too high. This number is higher than home zone in Fukushima.
I wonder which is scarer, one version;  Tokyo (and Japan) has so many  hidden hot spots like this, and they only have not found yet, Or.. the other version;   someone  dumped  highly radioactive  contaminated thing here,  it is very easy to get such hazardous materials in Japan.


contaminated beef(2)

Technically speaking, the cows were checked, but too unreliable way.  The cows were checked if radioactive materials were sticked to their skin or not, and hearing investigation was conducted. The farmer who sold the cows told to the investigator that they obey the guideline. I have to think Japanese government  must have no idea that  not-potician citizen can tell a lie and cows can be showered.

Anyway a lot of cows' images have appeared on tv monitor, news site, etc.etc. Watching living cows going to become meat is disgusting.
I have not eaten cows more than 15 years intentionally. It is not easy to avoid eating cow. Cows are used in many foods. Beef fat, gelatin etc. etc are used in many cooking.

The each reason is quite different but I don't want to eat radioactive food as well as dog, cat, cow, etc. etc. etc.
I am sorry Japanese children have to eat radioactive food and cows through their school lunch.


contaminated beef

Meat of cows fed in Fukushima was found to be contaminated by radioactive cesium.

Radioactive material were said to be ingested through hay. The hay were left outside until April (the explosions were happen in March 12th, 14th, 15th.).

The farmer sold other unchecked cows already and the cows were brought to the prefectures which were very far from Fukushima. 

Contaminated foods are being spread to all over the Japan like this.

Japanese government are planning to screen all the cows in this area before sipped.
Almost all Japanese are wondering why the unchecked beef from these area can be sold.


how to cook cesium-contaminated foods

A news program featured how to cook radioactive-cesium-contaminated foods other day.

vegetable which leaves we eat
1) wash
2) boil
3) pickle them in vinegar.
Cesium dissolves in water, much better in acid.

root vegetable
2)peel, especially peel deeply pit or scar.

slice and boil

remove gut and skin and scale

Radioactive cesium half-life time is about 30 years. But eaten cesium is said to decrease to half in 100 days  in the human body through egestion, thank you poo. TV man said that to egest smoothly, high-fiber food was good. Hey,  wait a minutes, does eating high-fiber food mean another cesium ingesting?  Where can we get cesium free foods?

I am realizing I have to have foods contaminated by radioactive material.
I have been so nervous about them, and struggling to find vegetables gathered in places as far as Fukushima, to find imported foods.
It is not practical way of life,
I have spent more than twice money on food and tons of hours. And have been spending months with no pepsi, no coke, no restaurant because they may use something gathered near Fukushima, or may be bottled near Fukushima. I may lose my friends.
I feel like myself as dingy scavenger.

Japanese cesium tea leaves were exported and found in France

Some raw tea leaves grown in Shizuoka prefecture were found to have excessive level of radioactive cesium. What is worse Shizuoka is/(was?  already) famous for excellent tea.

The tea farmers insisted that dried tea leaves should NOT to be analyzed. Because it is very clear that much more dried tea leaves would be found to be excessive level. Shizuoka prefectural governor, Kawakatu Heita said boiled tea would have weakened amount of cesium.

well, i might change myself to kind of bitch mode, but what kind of moron the prefectural governor is?  They killed tea leaves including low-level of cesium too.  And,  they exported tea leaves including high-level of cesium??

well.. some agricultural product have been found to be exported with deceptive labeling of origins. Their label said that they were made in the prefectures which located far from Fukushima, but actually they were gathered in the prefectures very near Fukushima or Fukushima, and contained a lot of cesium.

I don't know the truth about this tea area yet.  But either way, this is shame.


Tea leaf farmers don't accept dried leaf analysis

Excessive levels of radioactive cesium was detected in the tea leaves.  Main of the tea leaf growing area is lying to the west of Tokyo, opposite side to Fukushima. As the area is farther from Fukushima than Tokyo, some people looked to be shocked. (A lot of farm products grown in the area between Fukushima and Tokyo are sold because their analysis showed under levels)
One of the most shocked people are tea leaf farmer.
Monitored tea leaves are raw. Government told dried leaves should be monitored too.
But tea leaf farmers don't accept dried leaf tea analysis.
When making dried leaves,  leaves lose their moisture but they don' lose radioactive things. So it is very clear that analysis of dried leaf will show higher radioactive than raw leaf.
They insist boiled up tea will show lower level than guideline.


My hometown

My hometown is located western Japan.
After my mother given serious surgery a few years ago, I often come back to their house,  and try to stay as long as I can.

After the Fukushima nuclear plant accident, no radioactive fallout was monitored except a few days of April there. I know that the radioactive materials from Fukushima was found in all over the world. My hometown must have had much more radioactive materials than Hawaii or Iceland, etc. etc. Still my hometown looks clean, at least to me who is living in Tokyo.

I love fruit, vegetable, and fishes from my hometown,  yummy and no radiation.  However I don't feel secure when I am staying at my parent house.

Because another nuclear plant is standing very near from their house.
Japan is expected to come into  a earthquake age. I am sorry we are expected to have another earthquakes.
Strange to say I feel some kind of relief when I stay in Tokyo. Living in Tokyo is stressful, I wear mask, I am so nervous with food. Still I don't have nuclear plant near. Tokyo is more than 200 kilometers away from Fukushima nuclear plant.


recommended mask

Do you think you should prepare a good mask against unexpected accident?

3M 9332 FFP3 would be one of a desirable one.

It is not cheap stuff. Moreover in Japan they are sold for triple price of following web shop. Only one mask for 20 dollars or so.

If you prefer more reasonable one. 3M 9211 would be good option.


I have a reason to recommend these masks. Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary selected it. It was April 17 that he visited the Fukushima prefecture for the first time after the Fukushima nuclear accident. He was wearing the 3M mask. some say it was 9332, the other say it was 9211. As I am not mask professional, I don't know which one is correct one, so I am writing these 2 masks there.

He inspected the area within 20 kilometers of the plant, from the car. He got out of the car and greeted the ppl working there, at least 5 minutes. When surrounded by the ppl working there who were wearing ordinary mask, the mask worn by the careful 5-minutes visitor was said one of them.


rabbit without ear is born


comment of the person who posted this movie:

after the accident, government repeated "no damage to your health", I was on Tushima, Namiechou, outside 30 kilometers and had no other information given. I felt we were going to be killed under cover-up operation. I had my rabbits eat grass outdoor, eventually earless rabbit is born.

I don't know the truth. I don't understand the reason the rabbit owner did not post the movie when the day the rabbit was born. I know bad person could cut the ears of baby rabbit and wait the fur grow. Meanwhile I felt the same feeling that japanese government were going to kill japanese.


temporary staff

A kind of gossip magazine is reporting a tabloid TV show's interview.

The TV show got interview to the Fukushima Daiichi workers.
They are not TEPCO's employee, they are TEPCO's partner's temporary staff.

They wear protective suit, tow pairs of socks,  two plastic bags outside of the shoes, whole surface mask and gloves. 30,000yen per day (about 255 dollar per day). They won't work for more than three months. If they will do,  they will be exposed more than guideline of  250mSv.

Btw, some workers are told to be brought Fukushima despite they were explained to work at other than Fukushima. 
It is often said that gangsters are recruiting labour for nuclear plant, not only fukushima but also plants without accident.


where the fallen radioactive dust goes?

I clean  and wipe my room.
where the wiped radioactive dust goes?
of course sewerage.

Tochigi prefecture (next to Fukushima prefecture) announced that incineration ash at sewer water recycling plants was found to be highly contaminated by radioactive cesium. it was 32,000Bq/kg.

It makes sense very well. Radioactive cesium has been gathered and condensed at recycling facility.  It must be good thing rather than diffusing. 

Unfortunately one recycling plant in Fukushima found that  such an ash product was shipped already. When the contamination was found, sludge was 26,400 Bq/kg. Slag made from the sludge was 334,000 Bq/kg. Japanese government  announced to track the slag.

Fukushima live

One of key commercial TV stations started broadcasting the Fukushima daiichi nuclear plants live footage on youtube May 2.



sterilization and mutation by irradiation

Radiation is used to keep food good condition. for example in order to kill kind of bacteria or germs on food, in order to prevent from potato's budding.

There is a interesting report on food irradiation, which says the result of experiment of ratio of sterilization and mutation by irradiation.
http://foodirra.jaea.go.jp/dbdocs/001005000010.html (japanese)

When almost all the little simple creature are killed by radiation, still some of them are survived, and some of surviver  have evolved to mutant. I am interested in that mutant ratio lines look linear.


land surface contamination map

(i rewrote this page after 12 hours later from the first post because i found original source)

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the United States Department of Energy announced the land surface contamination map today. It is the first time the map is announced.

above pdf includes following 4 pictures.

Fig.1 Environmental radiation levels(μSv/h)

Fig.2 Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 on surface (Bq/m2)

Fig.3 Cesium-134  on surface (Bq/m2)

fig.4 Cesium-137  on surface (Bq/m2)

on Fig.4
Red : 3,000,000-14,700,000 Bq/m2
Yellow : 1,000,000-3,000,000 Bq/m2
Green : 600,000-1,000,000 Bq/m2
Pale blue : 300,000-600,000 Bq/m2
Blue : -300,000 Bq/m2

To compare elder brother Chernobyl map, I need to change the unit.

Red : 81-396.9 Ci/km2
Yellow : 27-81 Ci/km2
Green : 16.2-27 Ci/km2
Pale blue : 8.1-16.2 Ci/km2
Blue : less than 8.1 Ci/km2

Roughly speaking, degree of pollution of  red + yellow + green zone equal to "Confiscated/Closed Zone" and "Parmanent Contrl Zone" in Chernobyl


total sum of fallout caesium-137 in Tokyo

total sum of fallout caesium-137 in Tokyo from 03-18 to 04-29 is 6958.9 Bq/m2
I just added the each day value announced by Tokyo metropolitan government.

source page

I need to convert unit Bq(becqurel) to unit Ci(Curie) to compare the value to Chernobyl age's data.  Curie is a unit  named after Marie Curie. This unit seems to be used as main unit before.

6958.9 Bq/m 2
≈ 7 GBq/km 2
= 7 (GBq/km2) * 2.7*10 -11(Ci/Bq)
= 0.189 (Ci/km2)

According below famous Chernobyl map, current caesium-137 in Tokyo is lower level than pink painted zone; 1 to 15 (Ci/km2).
Btw, am I doing the right thing? I am afraid I am comparing between different quality things. Japanese government announce the ground pollution by unit (Bq/Kg).
In Iidate Village which is located very close to the accident plant, caesium-137 of 163,000 Bq/kg was found March. I wonder how large that 1kg mud was lying. If it was sampled upper layer of 1 m2 of ground, that place is pink zone. If it was sampled within 50cm square, that area could be purple "Permanent Control Zone" or red "Confiscated/Closed Zone". Suppose the reason  Japanese government use unit (Bq/Kg). Of course i am  conjecturing that the reason is OUR government are hiding bad news because they have no ability to manage/control/run/govern this too bad affair.


three types of refugee

there are three types of refugee after 3.11 devastating earthquake.(as of May 1st, death toll 14,704, missing 10,969, refugee 126,372)

One is earthquake and tunami refugee. They lost too many things. House is gone, beloved is gone, business is gone. Some of them are only just living in very poor refugee place still now. they can eat only small amount of food, they have no privacy. I have heard some elder person were dead because of no medicine, because of too cold weather. I am sorry all I could do was small contribution.

One is nuclear accident refugee. Their houses are standing and their asset are existing, on red zone, restricted area. It has found that many livestock have starved to die, pet dogs and cats ate each other. Because no one have fed them.

The other is nuclear accident refugee too. Only difference is they have been working for the nuclear accident company. They have enjoyed far better life than me, from an economical standpoint. They will get much compensation on average because their houses are nearer to the accident location.


External vs. Internal exposure

I watch environmental radiation levels in Tokyo everyday. Its value barely shows external exposure level. By contrast, internal exposure is difficult to know how much one person could be exposed. It depends on air, food, water, wearing a mask or not, etc, etc.

TEPCO announced one female employee had exposed more than guideline. She was working at heavily protected building at Fukushima nuclear plant. Her external exposure is 0.78 mSv. Her internal exposure is 6.71 mSv. She overrun her limit, 5 mSv per three months. She cared for workers without mask, so she is said to inhale radioactive materials which were stuck on the clothing of workers.
http://jp.reuters.com/article/jp_quake/idJP2011050101000232  (Japanese)

It was a brief news, I don't know detail yet. but it is saying as if the place where one person is exposed 0.78 mSv as external exposure can expose the person 6.71 mSv as internal exposure.

Almost 9 times?
A total of external and internal exposure is almost 10 times of only external values?
It looks too horrible. Am i thinking stupid thing as usual ?????
I don't understand what I should learn form this news.


radiation levels these one and a half months in Tokyo


Environmental radiation levels

Radioactive material level
in tap water

Radioactive material level of fallout
μGy/h  131I
04-29 0.0677 0.22 NDNDNDND ND
04-28 0.0688 0.14 NDNDNDND ND
04-27 0.0693 0.29 NDNDNDND 39rain
04-26 0.0694 ND ND NDND5.4 6.6
04-25 0.0697 0.24 0.32NDNDND 5.5 rain
04-24 0.0701 0.36 ND NDND5.0 5.4
04-23 0.0714 0.30 0.20NDNDND NDrain
04-22 0.0722 0.36 0.200.21NDND NDrain
04-21 0.0723 0.26 ND NDND4.2 5.8
04-20 0.0728 0.19 ND ND2019 21rain
04-19 0.0754 0.29 0.21 NDND26 30rain
04-18 0.0752 0.22 0.21 ND56ND ND rain
04-17 0.0753 0.20 ND NDND13 15
04-16 0.0761 0.30 ND NDND4.3 6.3
04-15 0.0767 0.30 ND NDND5.1 4.8
04-14 0.0776 0.41 NDNDNDND ND
04-13 0.0777 0.41 ND 0.26NDND ND
04-12 0.0777 0.57 ND NDNDND 4.0
04-11 0.0837 0.60 ND 0.27100160 170 rain
04-10 0.0827 0.71 ND ND3.04.1 5.2
04-09 0.0839 1.0 ND 0.26194.5 7.9 rain
04-08 0.0848 0.89 0.24 0.248.910 12
04-07 0.0861 1.4 0.32 0.245.3ND ND
04-06 0.0873 1.6 0.29 10
04-05 0.0884 2.6 0.32 0.328.27.0 5.6
04-04 0.0895 3.8 0.32 0.27175.2 5.9
04-03 0.0908 2.9 0.21 0.292018 18
04-02 0.0947 2.0 ND0.45ND4.0 8.0
04-01 0.09712.1 ND0.45ND9.1 15
03-31 0.100 3.4 0.350.533819 26
03-30 0.104 5.1 0.26 0.645066 68
03-29 0.107 5.6 ND0.5121ND 5.4
03-28 0.111 9.8 0.260.563710 18
03-27 0.116 20 0.47 0.7346ND 5.5
03-26 0.122 37 0.78 1.010031 36
03-25 0.130 320.92 1.222013 12
03-24 0.137 26 1.0 1.417034 37
03-23 0.146 26 0.62 0.8713000130 160rain
03-22 0.137 19 0.34 0.3136000330 330rain
03-21 0.0969 5.3 0.23 0.22320005300 5300rain
03-20 0.0457 2.9 ND ND2900550 560rain
03-19 0.0467 2.9 0.150.2140ND ND
03-18 0.0484 1.5 ND ND51ND ND
03-17 0.0511

03-16 0.0719

03-15 0.109
(max 0.809)
the first wind from the exploded nuclear plant to Tokyo
03-14 0.0341
03-13 0.0343
03-11 0.0341
03-10 0.0338
03-09 0.0343
03-08 0.0343
03-07 0.0366
03-06 0.0343
03-05 0.0339
03-04 0.0339
03-03 0.0340
03-02 0.0344
03-01 0.0368


clean my room operation. wipe, wash, scrub

The fallout has reduced. A professional said it a time to clean the fallout. I am going to clean my room, with opening the window. Let's wipe Wall, floor, louver and everything one by one.

I am afraid that invisible cake of radioactive dust stick on the shoes.
I need new hight top sneakers :)



Monju is a reactor under suspension because of accident.
It is an asset of Japan Atomic Energy Agency(http://www.jaea.go.jp/), which is a special government agency; independent administrative institution.

Monju is a experimental reactor. It is a Fast Breeder Reactor(FBR) and its coolant is Na. I don't know what it means.

One device (3.3t) in the reactor fell at August 26th 2010, still no way has been found to fix it. This reactor's maintenance cost is said 55,000,000 yen per day (460,000 $/day). I do know what it means.

tomodachi operation

I am writing this because my American friends did not know about tomodachi operation. I just wanted to say thank you.

This operation is not for the nuclear problem. It is for devastating tunami. Tomodachi operation by American marine started shortly after the disaster by tunami was found. The tunami was too fatal, too ruinous to know what happened because disaster victims had lost their communications. Japanese government don't know how many ppl are killed still now. The ships came to devastating coastal area quickly, and flied helicopters, found isolated villages and sent food and water. After that, marine rebuilt the wrecked air port by tunami only a few days, make the school ground available, and wipe away the tons of rubble.
I don't know a detail about tomodachi operation. But I am impressed by what highly skilled and well disciplined organization with advanced technology has done.

This operation was completed and they left the coast.
I saw a school boy asked marines their autographs on TV news.

Their activity was done more than 80km away from Fukushima nuclear plants.
Many Japanese are living within 30km area because Japanese government announced that evacuation was on a voluntary basis. But Japanese government changed their policy recently and is planning to have residents in highly contaminated area evacuate within one month.


internal exposure

When radioactive foods are eaten, they emit radiation inside our body, it is called internal exposure.
Interim guideline about radioactive materials on food was announced 17th March.

Each limit value varies depending on radioactive material type and food type. For example, limit of radioactive iodine on vegetable is 2000Bq/kg, limit of "Alpha-emitting nuclides of plutonium and transuranic elements" on infant foods is 1Bq/kg. (lol plutonium guideline on infant foods.)

To say the truth I was at loss because I did not understand how dangerous or how safe these numbers were.
As I knew too little, I ate much banana, because all banana in Japan is imported form clean countries. And I read banana abounds radioactive thing just now. haha.


Banana is one of the potassium rich produce, like milk, and 0.0117% of all potassium in natural is potassium-40 which is radioactive. Banana is said to have several hundreds Bq/kg. As human body includes a lot of potassium also, human itself has 6000-7000Bq.

Unit "becquerel(Bq)" is kind of amount of radiation, unit "sievert (Sv)" shows how much human being is effected. Above WHO document shows how to calculate unit becquerel to sievert. When someone eat 300g vegetable which contain 2000Bq/kg iodine-131 and 500Bq/kg cesium every day, total amount of internal exposure after one year is (these are maximum value of interim guideline):

0.3(kg) * 2000(Bq/kg) * 0.00018(mSv/Bq) * 356 = 38.448 (mSv)

0.3(kg) * 500(Bq/kg) * 0.000013(mSv/Bq) * 356 = 0.6942 (mSv)

I agree that as the interim guideline is a interim thing, one year might be unexpected term.
But I eat not only vegetable but also grain, fruit, egg etc. I drink water too.
I will struggle to find lower radioactive foods for a while. I hope it will be a "for a while" problem.

Please confer above number to following dose limits:

today's environmental radiation level

These day's environmental radiation level in Tokyo is the same of that of Beijing

Beijing 78.4 nGy/h (average 2011/04/14 9:00-15:00)
Tokyo 77.6 nGy/h (average 2011/04/14)

No iodine-131 or cesium-137 in fallout was detected at 14th April.
Radioactive material level in tap water is acceptable level according to WHO guideline.
I was happy to know these data this morning.

Beijing's data url:

Tokyo's data url:

But it does never mean tokyo become free from radioactive contamination.
For example, The measuring device which is used to measure above tokyo data looks equipped on the roof of the building according to the photos. It is said that radioactive materials are fallen on the ground gradually. I hear some data which are sampled near ground shows higher number than above number. This means small children or dogs would be effected much more than adult.

And it was not only iodine-131 and cesium-137 that leaked from Fukushima nuclear plant.

By the way, when the fist testing result of fallout on the nuclear plant ground was announced, I heard very curious words. "Plutonium was detected in 2 samples, they were thought to be from the accident, other 3 samples included the plutonium too, these were average level for ground." Common quantity level of plutonium? Plutonium is one of the most feared isotope to Japanese. A few days after this announce, I heard that they were legacy of '60, cold war encourage nuclear development and nuclear bomb test. Half-life of Plutonium-239 is 24,000 yeas.

Half-life of iodine-131 is 8.1 days. So if Fukushima nuclear plant stop leaking, iodine-131 will disappear soon. But even if Fukushima nuclear plant stop all of nuclear leaking asap, many long half-life radioactive things will remain and spread to the food.


so many aftershocks... really aftershock?

these several days, relatively small magnitude earthquakes has been occurring over and over. The epicenters are near the nuclear plant.

Seismologists on TV explain about aftershocks. But I wonder who simply accept their talk; these are natural aftershocks of 3.11 earthquake.

epicenters and brave nation

Today, one article are posted on Nature.com


Robert J. Geller calls on Japan to stop using flawed methods for long-term forecasts and to scrap its system for trying to predict the 'Tokai earthquake'. (by nature)

I read this news on Japanese news site.

By the way, you can find a map showing the area where strong earthquake are expected (by flawed way) in the article. Please look at the map. And please look at this nuclear plants map.

source url:

blue square : running reactor
pink square : reactor under construction
yellow square : preparation step

You will find some nuclear plants are built on the expected epicenters.
Wow, what a brave nation.......



As of today(13th April), an aftershock occurred at midnight of 7th Aril was the biggest one.

This magnitude 7.1 aftershock made two different nuclear plant's cooling system stop for a while.

One is Onagawa nuclear plant.
This facility has 3 reactors

The other is a Higasidohri nuclea plant.
This facility has 1 reactor.

All of them are under suspension after devastating 311 earthquake. Some of them are under suspension before the earthquake because of maintenance.

By the way, I have learned this, it is just a little complicated.
Reactors have to be kept cool when they are under suspension. In order to run the cooling system, electric power which is independent from the nuclear power plants is must.

Fukushima nuclear plant accident was triggered by the lack of electric power for cooling system. Earthquake destroyed the electric cable which bring external electric to the nuclear plant, Tunami carried diesel fuel tanks for power generator.

The reason of stopping of cooling system at Higasidohri nuclear plant is reported that one part of generator's pump was assembled in the wrong way.

There are a lot of committee, foundation, etc. etc. which declare they are founded for nuclear safety and they are receiving substantial money. Even if the committee and foundation know very well about highbrow nuclear plants, they look not to be interested in last hope generator.

eating show

Spinach and milk were announced in which radioactive materials were found at 19th March, one week after the accident.

We Japanese had new guideline about radioactive food two days before this announce. The new interim guideline is very different  from that of WHO.

Currently radioactive things are found in many food already. Some values are lower than interim guideline, that mean these food are safe, according to the government. If I were 70 years old, I would happily eat these discounted delicious food. Because effect of radioactive food is told to appear 20 years after or so. But it seems many consumer don't want to purchase such a "safe" food, especially mothers of young children and babies.

To encourage consumer, diet members make us watch they are eating these food often. Both members of ruling party and opposition party are equally similarly eating eating eating.....


TEPCO's ad is back on TV screen

TEPCO is a only company that provide electric power in Tokyo. In spite of no business rival,  TEPCO was spending a lot of money to ad. It has been told that as TEPCO is a big client for TV company, TV persons don't accuse  TEPCO.  Many celebrities were saying nuclear was safe, clear and necessary in the ad before.

I saw TEPCO's ad yesterday first after Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. No celebrities. only narration and text in the screen says sorry for this anxious, inconvenience, etc..

It seemed to be very very clear that TEPCO will have to pay huge compensatory payment to numerous people. I don't understand how they are spending money only to say sorry for this inconvenience.....

help-wanted ad $85 per hour, no experience required

According to the zakzak, which is a sort of gossip paper, a temporary staff service was looking for 10 workers. That job is payed 10,000 yen per hour (about $85 per hour). No qualification, no experience required. Duty station is Fukushima prefecture, job description is cleaning in the nuclear power plant. The ad was posted end of March and the temporary staff service could happily find 10 works already.


I am looking for a bottled water

A month after the earthquake, tap-water in Tokyo shows much radioactive materials level than that of drinkable water suggested by WHO.

Unfortunately I could not find bottled water today in the shops. After earthquake I could purchase only one  2-litter bottled-water. It is not easy to find bottled-water which is seemed to free from radioactive things. As I don't want to drink tap water,  I have been purchasing small amount bottoed-water, which is about 3 times higher price than gas. I could not even find it today.

By the way, I have heard that one of the reason of this water shortage is, bottled water packs are sending to refuges. it is priority of course.  some area don't have tap water still now,  one month after the earthquake.
Secondly, the earthquake destroyed many plants, besides shortage of electric power, many plants can not run as usual. Especially one maker of lid part of plastic bottle has been affected badly. That become a literally bottle neck.


radioactive fallout

Air, water and  "fallout" are reported every day in Japan.

Radiation is emitted from radioactive materials. Radioactive materials originated from nuclear plant explosions are ... sort of very small dust. I think... They are carried by wind and fall on the ground, roof, vegetable... anywhere.
Tokyo is more 200km away from Fukushima nuclear plants, the wind was flowing toward to the sea when plants exploded, so radioactive materials seemed to take a few days from Fukushima to Tokyo.

When we had rain, lots of dust in the higher place in the air fell with rain.
So after rain, radioactive material levels showed higher number.

Unfortunately we can not get away from these dust. We can breath  radioactive materials in the air and and keep them in lung, we can drink the water containing radioactive materials, we can eat vegetable on which radioactive materials stick. So do livestock. So do fish. Thus creature of top of food chain can ingest condensed radioactive food.

By the way, I purchased a lot of mask before earthquake as a preparation of hay fever season. I have pollen allergy like typical Japanese. I heard radioactive materials are bigger than virus and smaller than pollen. (I am looking for technical trustable data about this.). So mask for virus will be helpful to reduce inhalation of radioactive materials.
My masks don't work for reducing radioactive materials, but pollen allergy people know how to reduce the effect of fallout. I heard following way are effective, at least they would bring better result than do nothing. Radiation is invisible and it will show their aftermath after 10 years, 20 yeas ...... But pollen allergy people detect immediately pollen existence by one's snotty nose,  eye itch,  etc. etc....

  don't open wind too much
  clean up the dust on coat before coming into the house
  take shower
  wear appropriate mask
  wear appropriate glasses

Radioactive material level of fallout in Tokyo / day
Shinjuku, Tokyo

Sampling date

2011/04/03 9:00 - 2011/04/04 9:0020.017.5
2011/04/02 9:00 - 2011/04/03 9:00 (ND)8.03
2011/04/01 9:00 - 2011/04/02 9:00 (ND)14.5
2011/03/31 9:00 - 2011/04/01 9:0037.626.1
2011/03/30 9:00 - 2011/03/31 9:0050.168.4
2011/03/29 9:00 - 2011/03/30 9:0021.35.35
2011/03/28 9:00 - 2011/03/29 9:0036.918.1
2011/03/27 9:00 - 2011/03/28 9:0045.55.52
2011/03/26 9:00 - 2011/03/27 9:0010135.9
2011/03/25 9:00 - 2011/03/26 9:0021712.2
2011/03/24 9:00 - 2011/03/25 9:0017336.9
2011/03/23 9:00 - 2011/03/24 9:0012790155rain
2011/03/22 9:00 - 2011/03/23 9:0035700335rain
2011/03/21 9:00 - 2011/03/22 9:00323005300rain
2011/03/20 9:00 - 2011/03/21 9:002880561rain
2011/03/19 9:00 - 2011/03/20 9:0039.8 (ND)
2011/03/18 9:00 - 2011/03/19 9:0051.4 (ND)


contaminated water

Tap water in Tokyo includes radioactive material.
As of April 4th, their values are better than WHO guidance level under bad condition,  and worse than WHO guideline for desired condition.

Radioactive materials in tap water was detected 3/16,   near place to the Fukushima nuclear plant.
(earthquake 3/11, the first explosion of reactorNo1 was 3/12, reactorNo3 explosion was 3/14, explosion of  reactorNo2 and reactorNo4 was 3/15)

So, purification plant in Tokyo started reporting radioactive material revel 3/17.

According to this pdf document;
 (page 203), WHO guidance level are:

Iodine-131      10Bq/litre
Cesium-134    10Bq/litre
Cesium-137    10Bq/litre

According to this page by purification plant in Tokyo;
WHO has another much strict guidance level;

alpha-radioactivity 0.5Bq/litre
beta radioactivity 1Bq/litre

The purification plant says they had been keeping good level last 20 years before 3/17 also.

Current Japanese guicance level which was issued  3/17 are 30time higher than WHO's value:

Iodine-131     300Bq/Kg
Radiocesium  200Bq/Kg

As Japanese have new guideline, almost all water is SAFE in Japan, Japanese government don't have to notice how much water is contaminated.

Japanese had the same guidance level as WHO before, maybe.
(page 203-204)

Shinjuku Tokyo
Radioactive material level in tap water in Tokyo / day

Sampling date
2011/04/03 2.93  0.21 0.28
2011/04/02 1.96  (ND) 0.45
2011/04/01 2.06  (ND) 0.45
2011/03/31 3.39 0.35 0.52
2011/03/30 5.09 0.25 0.63
2011/03/29 5.63 (ND) 0.51
2011/03/28 9.82 0.25 0.56
2011/03/27 19.7 0.47 0.72
2011/03/26 37.2 0.78 1.01
2011/03/25 31.8 0.92 1.22
2011/03/24 25.6 1.01 1.43
2011/03/23 25.8 0.62 0.87
2011/03/22 18.7 0.34 0.31
2011/03/21 5.25 0.23 0.22
2011/03/20 2.93  (ND) (ND)
2011/03/19 2.85 0.15 0.21
2011/03/18 1.47  (ND) (ND)
Japanese guideline 300Bq/kg 200Bq/kg
WHO Guidance level 10Bq/litre 10Bq/litre 10Bq/litre
WHO Guideline for water to drinkwhole sum of radioactivity
alpha-radioactivity 0.5Bq/litre
beta radioactivity 1Bq/litre


radiation in the air

Hello, I am Japanese and living in Japan. After Fukushima nuclear plants accident, a lot of information about radioactivity are diffused.
I am going to write about such a things.
It is a strange time. Something is the first thing we human being are facing clearly. But the other would be the same old story.

First of all, as I am a timid jellyfish, I looked for a good information which made me feel secure. Yeah!  I got it. Environmental radiation levels in Tokyo is lower than some cities of China. (at 2011/03/30). Did China have nuclear plants accidents recently? Nope, maybe...

Environmental radiation levels is measured by the unit "sievert (Sv)" or "gray(Gy)". The unit gray shows the absorbed radiation(I am sorry I don't know what it mean). The unit sievert shows how much human being are affected by the many kinds of radiation in the air. Roughly speaking, 1 gray = 1 sievert.

As of 2011/03/31
Beijing 78.6 nGy/h (12:00-15:00)
深圳市 106.0 nGy/h (12:00-15:00)
Tokyo 0.103 μGy/h = 103 nGy/h (14:00-14:59)

Environmental radiation levels at Tokyo

Environmental radiation levels at many cities in China