recommended mask

Do you think you should prepare a good mask against unexpected accident?

3M 9332 FFP3 would be one of a desirable one.

It is not cheap stuff. Moreover in Japan they are sold for triple price of following web shop. Only one mask for 20 dollars or so.

If you prefer more reasonable one. 3M 9211 would be good option.


I have a reason to recommend these masks. Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary selected it. It was April 17 that he visited the Fukushima prefecture for the first time after the Fukushima nuclear accident. He was wearing the 3M mask. some say it was 9332, the other say it was 9211. As I am not mask professional, I don't know which one is correct one, so I am writing these 2 masks there.

He inspected the area within 20 kilometers of the plant, from the car. He got out of the car and greeted the ppl working there, at least 5 minutes. When surrounded by the ppl working there who were wearing ordinary mask, the mask worn by the careful 5-minutes visitor was said one of them.


rabbit without ear is born


comment of the person who posted this movie:

after the accident, government repeated "no damage to your health", I was on Tushima, Namiechou, outside 30 kilometers and had no other information given. I felt we were going to be killed under cover-up operation. I had my rabbits eat grass outdoor, eventually earless rabbit is born.

I don't know the truth. I don't understand the reason the rabbit owner did not post the movie when the day the rabbit was born. I know bad person could cut the ears of baby rabbit and wait the fur grow. Meanwhile I felt the same feeling that japanese government were going to kill japanese.


temporary staff

A kind of gossip magazine is reporting a tabloid TV show's interview.

The TV show got interview to the Fukushima Daiichi workers.
They are not TEPCO's employee, they are TEPCO's partner's temporary staff.

They wear protective suit, tow pairs of socks,  two plastic bags outside of the shoes, whole surface mask and gloves. 30,000yen per day (about 255 dollar per day). They won't work for more than three months. If they will do,  they will be exposed more than guideline of  250mSv.

Btw, some workers are told to be brought Fukushima despite they were explained to work at other than Fukushima. 
It is often said that gangsters are recruiting labour for nuclear plant, not only fukushima but also plants without accident.


where the fallen radioactive dust goes?

I clean  and wipe my room.
where the wiped radioactive dust goes?
of course sewerage.

Tochigi prefecture (next to Fukushima prefecture) announced that incineration ash at sewer water recycling plants was found to be highly contaminated by radioactive cesium. it was 32,000Bq/kg.

It makes sense very well. Radioactive cesium has been gathered and condensed at recycling facility.  It must be good thing rather than diffusing. 

Unfortunately one recycling plant in Fukushima found that  such an ash product was shipped already. When the contamination was found, sludge was 26,400 Bq/kg. Slag made from the sludge was 334,000 Bq/kg. Japanese government  announced to track the slag.

Fukushima live

One of key commercial TV stations started broadcasting the Fukushima daiichi nuclear plants live footage on youtube May 2.



sterilization and mutation by irradiation

Radiation is used to keep food good condition. for example in order to kill kind of bacteria or germs on food, in order to prevent from potato's budding.

There is a interesting report on food irradiation, which says the result of experiment of ratio of sterilization and mutation by irradiation.
http://foodirra.jaea.go.jp/dbdocs/001005000010.html (japanese)

When almost all the little simple creature are killed by radiation, still some of them are survived, and some of surviver  have evolved to mutant. I am interested in that mutant ratio lines look linear.


land surface contamination map

(i rewrote this page after 12 hours later from the first post because i found original source)

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the United States Department of Energy announced the land surface contamination map today. It is the first time the map is announced.

above pdf includes following 4 pictures.

Fig.1 Environmental radiation levels(μSv/h)

Fig.2 Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 on surface (Bq/m2)

Fig.3 Cesium-134  on surface (Bq/m2)

fig.4 Cesium-137  on surface (Bq/m2)

on Fig.4
Red : 3,000,000-14,700,000 Bq/m2
Yellow : 1,000,000-3,000,000 Bq/m2
Green : 600,000-1,000,000 Bq/m2
Pale blue : 300,000-600,000 Bq/m2
Blue : -300,000 Bq/m2

To compare elder brother Chernobyl map, I need to change the unit.

Red : 81-396.9 Ci/km2
Yellow : 27-81 Ci/km2
Green : 16.2-27 Ci/km2
Pale blue : 8.1-16.2 Ci/km2
Blue : less than 8.1 Ci/km2

Roughly speaking, degree of pollution of  red + yellow + green zone equal to "Confiscated/Closed Zone" and "Parmanent Contrl Zone" in Chernobyl


total sum of fallout caesium-137 in Tokyo

total sum of fallout caesium-137 in Tokyo from 03-18 to 04-29 is 6958.9 Bq/m2
I just added the each day value announced by Tokyo metropolitan government.

source page

I need to convert unit Bq(becqurel) to unit Ci(Curie) to compare the value to Chernobyl age's data.  Curie is a unit  named after Marie Curie. This unit seems to be used as main unit before.

6958.9 Bq/m 2
≈ 7 GBq/km 2
= 7 (GBq/km2) * 2.7*10 -11(Ci/Bq)
= 0.189 (Ci/km2)

According below famous Chernobyl map, current caesium-137 in Tokyo is lower level than pink painted zone; 1 to 15 (Ci/km2).
Btw, am I doing the right thing? I am afraid I am comparing between different quality things. Japanese government announce the ground pollution by unit (Bq/Kg).
In Iidate Village which is located very close to the accident plant, caesium-137 of 163,000 Bq/kg was found March. I wonder how large that 1kg mud was lying. If it was sampled upper layer of 1 m2 of ground, that place is pink zone. If it was sampled within 50cm square, that area could be purple "Permanent Control Zone" or red "Confiscated/Closed Zone". Suppose the reason  Japanese government use unit (Bq/Kg). Of course i am  conjecturing that the reason is OUR government are hiding bad news because they have no ability to manage/control/run/govern this too bad affair.


three types of refugee

there are three types of refugee after 3.11 devastating earthquake.(as of May 1st, death toll 14,704, missing 10,969, refugee 126,372)

One is earthquake and tunami refugee. They lost too many things. House is gone, beloved is gone, business is gone. Some of them are only just living in very poor refugee place still now. they can eat only small amount of food, they have no privacy. I have heard some elder person were dead because of no medicine, because of too cold weather. I am sorry all I could do was small contribution.

One is nuclear accident refugee. Their houses are standing and their asset are existing, on red zone, restricted area. It has found that many livestock have starved to die, pet dogs and cats ate each other. Because no one have fed them.

The other is nuclear accident refugee too. Only difference is they have been working for the nuclear accident company. They have enjoyed far better life than me, from an economical standpoint. They will get much compensation on average because their houses are nearer to the accident location.


External vs. Internal exposure

I watch environmental radiation levels in Tokyo everyday. Its value barely shows external exposure level. By contrast, internal exposure is difficult to know how much one person could be exposed. It depends on air, food, water, wearing a mask or not, etc, etc.

TEPCO announced one female employee had exposed more than guideline. She was working at heavily protected building at Fukushima nuclear plant. Her external exposure is 0.78 mSv. Her internal exposure is 6.71 mSv. She overrun her limit, 5 mSv per three months. She cared for workers without mask, so she is said to inhale radioactive materials which were stuck on the clothing of workers.
http://jp.reuters.com/article/jp_quake/idJP2011050101000232  (Japanese)

It was a brief news, I don't know detail yet. but it is saying as if the place where one person is exposed 0.78 mSv as external exposure can expose the person 6.71 mSv as internal exposure.

Almost 9 times?
A total of external and internal exposure is almost 10 times of only external values?
It looks too horrible. Am i thinking stupid thing as usual ?????
I don't understand what I should learn form this news.